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There are plenty of unique and unusual places to stay at today's location. Read all about Colibri Camping in the wonderful Bolivia.


Colibri Camping, Calle 4, JUPAPINA (camino al rio), near Mallasa, La Paz

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When did you open?

We opened in 2014

Can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind the business?

We are a British - Bolivian family – Emma, Rolando and our two children David and Bell – who live and work in the Aymara community of Jupapina, south of La Paz.

Colibri Camping and Eco-Lodge and Eco-Lodge, which was built by Rolando and a team of volunteers, using recycled materials and renewable energy sources. As a family we are committed to doing our part to help develop sustainable, environmentally-friendly tourism that benefits our community and offers a rich experience to our guests.

For the past 10 years we have opened our doors and hearts to welcome volunteers and visitors who want to get off the beaten tourist track to enjoy a sense of belonging and a deeper understanding of local culture and customs. We are deeply rooted in the village, which is the kind of place where shopkeepers and neighbours will stop for a chat and will welcome you into community events and celebrations.

Together we also run Up Close Up Close Bolivia – a series of community projects which employs local people and recruits international volunteers to assist. Our projects include a children's day care centre, after - school clubs and environmental and art projects. Up Close Bolivia also runs, English for tourism classes as part of our aim to help strengthen local eco-tourism.

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A Frame Cabin

What time of year would you recommend to visit?

All year round is good. In November to March it is hotter, but we have more rain in the afternoons and night. The rest of the year is dry with bright blue skies, but it gets chilly in the evening. However, our Tipis and Cabins are fully insulated and have feather duvets and woollen mattresses - so you won't feel the cold!

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If a visitor only had 1 weekend, how would you suggest they spend their time?

Day One


The Valley Of The Flowers - Start the day with a walk down to the Valley below the campsite, where our neighbours cultivate flowers for the local markets. (You do not need a guide for this, just make sure you take sun screen, good walking shoes and a bottle of water for the climb back up). You can also visit the equine therapy centre which provides free therapy for children and their families with disabilities and special needs. This centre is supported by Colibri Camping through our volunteer programme Up Close Bolivia.

La Paz Zoo - Just 5 minutes from Colibri is the La Paz Zoo, which Colibri also supports through our volunteer programme, working to improve the quality of lives of the animals through the animal enrichment programme. The zoo is in a beautiful setting and is home to many Andean and Amazonian animals and birds, the majority of which have been rescued from trafficking and cruel treatment. Entrance fee 15Bs

The Valley Of The Moon - A 10 minute walk from the zoo uphill you will come to one of the main tourist attractions in La Paz - The Valley of the Moon which is so called due to the amazing and quite bizarre rock formations, is like nowhere else on earth and you can spend an enjoyable hour walking through the valleys and crevices and perhaps spot some viscachas, local Andean hares. Entrance Fee 15Bs


Chill out at the campsite in one of our hammocks overlooking the Valley of the Flowers below and enjoy a cold artisanal beer form our little Camp Shop.


A Bolivian Cookery Class in our open air kitchen, given by one of our indigenous neighbours Clara. She will provide all the ingredients and she will explain the history and the cultural context of each dish that you will prepare using fresh organic local ingredients. Afterwards you can sit on one of our view points and enjoy the delicious meal you have prepared.

Enjoy a bonfire and toast marshmallows under the stars or relax in our outdoor hot tub filled with aromatic herbs.

Day Two

Trek down from the Devil Tooth Mountain

From the Colibri Camping and Eco Lodge you see the amazing rock of the Devil's Tooth mountain. We can give you printed instructions to follow the path back to the campsite. The trek is down hill and quite easy and takes 3 - 5 hours and has some amazing views of the Andes. There is also the option of having lunch before the descent with the local indigenous women`s organisation, a local community based tourism initiative supported by our volunteer programme Up Close Bolivia.

Horse Trek up to the Devil`s Tooth Mountain

Our friend Ivan has beautiful horses and is a true Bolivian Cowboy. His Ranch is in the foothills of the Devil`s Tooth Mountain which towers above Colibri Camping. You will ride through the most amazing landscape with views towards the city in the distance and the glaciers of the Andes, up to the fields and the village at the base of the Mountain. The ride takes about 2 hours and is suitable for intermediate riders. You should bring; long trousers, boots and sun block.

Explore the city of La Paz

We are a world away from the hustle and bustle of La Paz, but only 30 minutes by local taxi or bus to this amazing diverse city that was named last year as one of the 7 most Marvellous Cities in the world. Take the new cable car up to the city to enjoy incredible views or enjoy one of the walking tours around the old colonial streets and markets. We can provide you with maps and local tips on where to visit and great places to eat.

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Devils Molar

Can you recommend any special places to eat?

If you are here over the weekend, make the most of the many wonderful local restaurants which draw people to come from the city to enjoy traditional Bolivian cuisine. We will give you a list of restaurants and help you make a reservation, so that you can have lunch in one of the family restaurants situated nearby.

Yummy Options include:

• Spicy Guinea Pig served in the house of the patio of the Carvajal family on the corner of Calle 4 in Jupapina.

• Watia: a traditional meal of meat and vegetables cooked under the earth using hot rocks and firewood.

• The Spicy Lamb dishes called T'impu, served by our neighbour Mrs.Mechi in her popular and bustling restaurant on the main road. Her yellow painted restaurant is open every day.

• Not so traditional - but a real gem and open every evening (apart from Mondays) is Il Portico, the best pizza in La Paz cooked in a wood burning oven and prepared by Marcello, an Italian who has also made his home in Jupapina.They are closed on Mondays, but open every other evening from 7pm onwards, also open at lunchtime at the weekends. You can order in pizza, we have the menu down at the Colibri reception. Delivery costs 10Bs extra.

• In the neighbouring village of Mallasa there are several little cabins near the entrance to the zoo which serve typical Bolivian food and during the weekend you will be spoilt for choice by the number and diversity of restaurants which mainly cater for local tourists

What type of guest is your glamping site suitable for?

• People look for a true taste of Bolivia, off the beaten tourist track staying in a small friendly village on the outskirts of La Paz. The kind of place where shopkeepers and neighbours will enjoy taking time for a chat with you.

• People who love nature. The scenery around Colibri is stunning, with mountains, flower filled valleys.

• People who enjoy birdwatching. Colibri attracts many Hummingbirds, Eagles and a whole plethora of native birds.

• People who like peace and quiet. It is not a place for people who want to party and play loud music. After 10pm the camp site is quite and you will hear nothing but the sound of the river in the valley below.

• People who enjoy cooking and having a space to meet other interesting visitors and share a commonly prepared meal in our fully equipped outdoor kitchen. We have a beautiful meeting room who visitors can dine and spend time getting to know each other and swapping stories of their travels.

• People who enjoy adventure sports - there are many options for adrenalin rushes - such as mountain biking, quad biking, horse riding and trekking near Colibri.

• People who need a quite base camp to plan and reflect on their journey. We can provide maps, guide books and of course a wealth of our own local experiences and tips for your journey onwards. We can also help you book tours and tickets with tour operators we trust.

How would you best describe your glamping site in 3 words?

Nature. Community. Tranquility

Prices start at:

RATES Colibri camping and Eco Lodge 2016

Teepees - double or twin

• 1 person - 120 Bolivianos (USD$17)

• 2 people - 200 Bolivianos (USD$28)

Cabin with one double bed and 2 single beds

• 1 person - 250 Bolivianos (USD$36)

• 2 people - 350 Bolivianos (USD$50)

• 3 people - 450 Bolivianos (USD$64)

• 4 people - 550 Bolivianos (USD$80)

Camping with your own tent / vehicle

Per person - 50 Bolivianos

Camping in our tents. We rent tents/sleeping bags and camping equipment.

• 1 person - 75 Bolivianos (USD$11)

• 2 people - 150 Bolivianos (USD$22)

• 3 people - 200 Bolivianos (USD$29)

• 4 people - 250 Bolivianos (USD$36)

Cabin with one double bed and 2 single beds

• 1 person - 250 Bolivianos (USD$36)

• 2 people - 350 Bolivianos (USD$50)

• 3 people - 450 Bolivianos (USD$64)

• 4 people - 550 Bolivianos (USD$80)

* Rates can vary at busy times - such as Christmas and New Year, Bolivain Public Holidays, Easter and Carnival

Breakfast service

• 35 Bolivianos per person

Best way of getting there:

At a lower altitude and enjoying a warmer climate than La Paz, we are situated in the village of Jupapina in the Valley of Flowers, 30 minutes from La Paz and 5 minutes from the town of Mallasa.

Or, from the airport we can send a trusted driver with a sign with the logo of Colibri and your name to bring you to the campsite. The cost is USD$20.

From the city centre of La Paz of the bus terminal, you can catch a local taxi. The cost of approximately 50Bs (USD$8) and the rides takes about 30 minutes. Or you can catch local mini buses from the city centre. We can send you detailed instructions about which mini buses to take and the costs.

Prices @ early 2016


Colibri Camping

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