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Treehouse holidays are one of our most searched for properties on Unique Sleeps. They are the perfect back to nature adventure, delivering magic and uniqueness for everyone. Tropical Treehouse in Puerto Rico are no exception - today we speak to the owners.


Tropical Treehouse, Puerto Rico

Tropical Treehouse

When did you open?

We started renting out the treehouses fulltime around 2010.

Can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind the business?

Well, the treehouse property is quite unique, with over 35 species of bamboo, tropical hardwoods, fruit trees, bananas, etc. The treehouses offer a unique experience- private, self sufficient, off grid and with all the amenities. I have built the hooches in many places elsewhere, and have nothing but positivity. So, I rent them, sharing the experience.

Inside Tropical Treehouses

What time of year would you recommend to visit?

Winter weather is dry. It is our busiest season. I prefer the summer, with afternoon showers cooling things off and making everything lush and green.

If a visitor only had 1 weekend, how would you suggest they spend their time?

In a treehouse.

Tropical Treehouse Holidays

Can you recommend any special places to eat?

Cambija is a popular restaurant in town.

What type of guest is Tropical Treehouse suitable for?

Our guests are adventuresome, appreciate nature, are generally fit. We've had nearly weds, newly weds, knarly weds, and families.

How would you best describe Tropical Treehouse in 3 words?

Cushy, amoo, escape

Prices start at:

Sunset Hooch: $140

Best way of getting there:

Puerto Rico is a car culture - you need to rent a car.


Tropical Treehouse

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