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Today we talk to the owners of the beautiful Cabane des Grands Lacs in France. They offer a wide collection of treehouse holidays and floating cabins.


 Cabane des Grands Lacs, Franche-Comté region of Eastern France

Floating Cabins Grand Lacs

When did you open?

We opened on 5th June 2009.

Can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind the business?

We absolutely don't want to own a tree-and-floating-houses resort only for the business. We like to spend time with our customers, talking about our pretty region, thinking about new ideas for welcoming them better and better. We also pay a lot of attention to the nature and we like to raise people's awareness of preserving the environment.

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What time of year would you recommend to visit?

Any time! Everything depends on what people are looking for. Spring and autumn are much better if you are looking for quietness and if you want to enjoy the changing of the nature. Summer is perfect if you like to enjoy more sports activities.

Grand Lacs

If a visitor only had 1 weekend, how would you suggest they spend their time?

One weekend is so short! After being guided to your house in the afternoon, you can discover the area riding a bike or walking. Dinner can be savoured in your tree-floating-house, and enjoying the sunset! In the morning, after a full breakfast in your house, you can enjoy an introductory course of golf in the middle of the nature which wakes up. Shower and lunch are possible in the 19th century castle which is in the middle of the golf course. In the afternoon why not enjoying the swimming lake and a spot of sunbathing.

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Can you recommend any special places to eat?

We work with 5 restaurants located between 4 and 8km away and we love to recommend all of them.

What type of guest is your glamping site suitable for?

We hope to be able to welcome anyone! You won't find any water and electricity in your house, to be immersed in the nature. But also have comfortable wood buildings on earth so you can have a shower and a hot drink.

How would you best describe Grand Lacs in 3 words?

Experience – Happiness - Nature

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Best way of getting there:

Bâle-Mulhouse Airport just 120 Km from the Domaine.


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