What is Glamping?

We love all kinds of unique and quirky accommodation at Unique Sleeps.

We especially love glamping.

For those of you who have somehow not heard of this trend sweeping the globe, glamping, put quite simply, is luxury camping (glamorous & camping = glamping, clever huh?)

Where can I stay on a glamping holiday?

Whereas there are no strict rules determining what comes under the glamping category, we like to think of it as a holiday that makes getting back to nature a luxury, stress free and relaxing getaway. Think tree houses, yurts, gypsy wagons, tipis, wigwams, shepherds huts, camping pods and bell tents/safari tents.

Tree House Holidays

Tree house holidays are one of our most searched for glamping properties on Unique Sleeps.

Imagine the magical adventure of waking up, high up in the branches, with your breakfast waiting for you at the foot of the tree, ready to be hoisted up on a pulley system.

Take a look at our range of tree houses
and see if there is one waiting for your next unique break in the trees!

 Yurt Holidays

Traditionally used by nomads as homes in Central Asia, yurts are moveable structures. They are made from an expanding circular wooden frame with a felt cover made from sheeps wool for insulation. They can be lived in year round, even in the coldest of climates. Their history as a home in Central Asia dates back some 3,000 years.

As they have become popular in the west, the construction and materials used have adjusted. Pacific Yurts, a Oregon based company, began manufacturing yurts in 1978. In 1993, the state of Oregon began offering them in their national parks to provide year round camping. Since then many more states have followed their lead. The popularity of yurts as a glamping choice has grown rapidly over the last decade, with some offering year round accommodation, with the addition of wood burning stoves and luxury sleeping and bathroom facilities.

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 Shepherds Hut Holidays


Shepherd's Huts were used in the 19th and 20th century by, you guess it, shepherds! They were used as a place to rest, eat and wash during lambing season and sheep raising. Materials used varied, depending on what was available. The huts were practical with windows for the shepherd to keep an eye on the flock, a stove to keep warm and cook food, a bed to sleep in. They were build on strong cast iron wheels to enable them to be moved between fields.

These days, people use them in gardens as offices or for glamping accommodation. They may be a restored shepherd's hut or a replica model, built by companies such as Sussex Huts.

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Gypsy Wagon Holidays

Gypsy Wagons (or caravans) originated in France in about 1810. They were used in England around the 1820s by circus showmen travelling between fairs. In 1850, gypsies began to use them to live in, pulled along by a horse. offers an interesting history and explanation of the different kinds of gypsy wagons.

Gypsy Wagons are a popular choice for couples seeking a romantic break. They are often fitted out with wood burning stoves and comfortable beds.

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